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Constitution approved by the IWF Congress on 29 August 2021 in Doha, Qatar in effect with 31 August 2021

The International Weightlifting Federation (otherwise known as the Fédération International d’Haltérophilie) is the international governing body throughout the world for the sport of weightlifting, and the International Weightlifting Federation is recognised as such by the International Olympic Committee.
1.2 The International Weightlifting Federation is an association that was first established in 1905, and which exists for an unlimited period of time. The International Weightlifting Federation is established and governed by Article 60 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code, and by the rules specified in this Constitution.

1.3 The seat of the International Weightlifting Federation is in Lausanne, Switzerland. Within ninety (90) days following the Effective Date, the Federation shall commence the process of taking whatever steps which are necessary so as to enter the Federation on the Commercial Register in accordance with Article 61 of the Swiss Civil Code. Thereafter the Federation shall do all things necessary to remain so registered.

1.4 The headquarters of the International Weightlifting Federation shall be located in Lausanne, Switzerland. The headquarters of the International Weightlifting Federation must not be transferred from, or related to a place other than Lausanne, Switzerland otherwise than by a Special Resolution of the Congress and the necessary amendments being made to this Constitution.

1.5 Notwithstanding rule 1.4, the International Weightlifting Federation may, as decided by the Executive Board, have additional offices which are situated in a place or places other than Lausanne, Switzerland.

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